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Pros and Cons of a New Years Eve Wedding

Pros and Cons of a New Years Eve Wedding

A wedding is going to be one of the dearest events in your life. It is the fairytale-like occasion where soulmates become one, being united in love and spirit. The date of a wedding is perhaps as essential as the very event itself, it will determine the turnout of guests and the overall mood of your celebration.

Although New Year’s Eve may seem like an exciting time of year to have your wedding, take note, your event may be met with mixed responses from your guests (among other things). However, some couples may choose to combine their wedding and New Year’s Eve celebrations in creating a spectacular event bound to leave an indelible impression on the minds of your guests – consider it doubling the joy with a single preparation!



Here are some popular reasons why you should schedule your big day for the Eve of the New Year. A wedding is the start of a fabulous new chapter in your love life. No other day is more symbolic of beginnings than New Year’s Eve. So, pop the champagne, slice that ten-tiered cake, dance to your fave love song, declare your feelings – kick-start your resolutions with an unforgettable romantic affair.

Pro #1: Go Over-the-top and then Some

New Year’s Eve is synonymous with lively and loud celebrations. Just take a look at Times Square – we rest our case! New Year’s is all about shelving the past while anticipating the glorious things to come. With that said, it is the perfect time for couples to consider “going all out” in their wedding preparations without fear of judgment.

Couples may use anything at their disposal to express their love, be it sparklers, confetti or prismatic balloons. After all, your guests will be in the mood for a large-scale celebration- you just need to provide them with the venue to do so! New Year’s Eve Brides may consider wearing gowns lined with gorgeous sequins, brilliant hues and exhibit the most glamorous designs. Go ahead and welcome the new year and your married life with a bang.

Pro #2: Forget-Me-Not

You will never forget your anniversary with a New Year’s Eve wedding. Plot your big day on one of the most memorable dates of the year to avoid future squabbles (“you forgot-how could you?!” scenarios). It sounds like a win. Of course, choosing a date of significance also applies to Christmas, Halloween, birthdays and Valentines’, but nothing signifies a healthy marriage quite like New Year’s Eve – the threshold to another blissful year of being together.

Pro #3: Guests May Hang Around Longer

It is the eve of the new year, your guests are going to stay till midnight at the very least (it is bad luck to miss the countdown!). They will be singing, dancing, drinking and toasting in honor of the next phase of your romantic life. It is also highly likely that your guests would have an off from work the next day – the greater the reason to linger to their hearts’ content.

Expect the dance floor, bar and festivities to last longer than your average wedding event. After all, you get more opportunities to create fond memories with loved ones as the party goes on.


Ultimately, New Year’s Eve is a commercial celebration, which means that many popular public venues will be fully booked and occupied by revelers. Couples may be forced to settle for less preferred options and wedding programs – but why settle for anything less than ideal on one of the biggest events in your adult life?

You may face a series of challenges with a New Year’s Eve Wedding. Consider these cons to avoid disappointment on one of the most precious days in your life.

Con #1 Turnout rates might Suffer

Yes, it is your wedding day and you’re so happy that you could shout it from the rooftops. Unfortunately, some of your guests may have already planned something special for the New Year. Maybe they have their eyes set on a vacation on an exotic island, or perhaps they prefer spending time with loved ones in the comforts of their home? Also, some individuals may opt to steer clear from social events to recharge themselves before the hustle and bustle of the upcoming year.

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration but far from a dream for wedding turnouts. You may wish to inform your guests months or even a year in advance so they’re committed to showing up.

Con #2 Pricier Wedding Packages

Wedding services may be significantly pricier during New Year’s Eve – this is certainly something to consider before setting your plans in motion. Prices may be raised by vendors, restaurants, and professionals (i.e. photographers & videographers) during the period of high demand.

Be sure to speak to your wedding organizer to iron out the details (and clarify all surcharges included) before committing to a package. This will save you from a heart attack when the final bill arrives!

Con #3 When will it End?

It is usually fun to prolong a party but sometimes, this results in too much of a good thing. This is especially true if the party keeps going on and on without a clear end in sight. The wedding process is physically & mentally exhausting (and stressful, just ask the brides!) for the newly-weds who have been on their feet for hours. Couples need their much-deserved rest.

A New Year’s Eve wedding celebration might push you to your physical limits (staying up, smiling and entertaining guests when you’re flat out beat inside) – also, it may be a tricky thing to curtail the event since some guests may have passed on some amazing New Year plans in lieu of your wedding.

Con #4 Considering the Big Picture

Do you really wish to spend your subsequent anniversaries at the time of year when prices are significantly marked up? Consider flight fares, hotel accommodations, and even taxi fees. Additionally, you will be vying with other customers on a first-come-first-serve basis or risk losing your spot at your favorite restaurant.

Couples may stop to wonder – “the wedding lasts for a mere day, should we be paying extra or accepting additional stress for a lifetime’s worth of anniversaries?” Idealistic couples might feel that surcharges are testaments to a priceless love, but more practical folks might just turn the other way.

New Year’s Eve weddings are indeed spectacular – combining the lively festivities of the countdown with the enchanting romance of marriage. Guests who do show up are in for a definite treat while they welcome the auspicious couple to the next stage of their relationship. The most important thing perhaps is to pay close attention to budget changes and ensuring that guests feel like they’re not missing out on a special new year celebration while they’re gathered for your big day.

To wed or not to wed on New Year’s Eve boils down to personal preference but one thing for sure is that the last day of the year is a time for a magnificent jamboree and the gateway to many exciting new possibilities.

Linen Hero is your friendly expert in quality decor for your event needs. We specialize in chair covers and table linen that is catered to your unique style. Whether you’re celebrating your wedding, New Year’s Eve, or both – we provide a vast inventory of products that are seamlessly incorporated into any desired theme.

We believe in making events extraordinary – because you deserve nothing less.

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