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Best Man Speech: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Man Speech: A Comprehensive Guide

Creative Ways for Delivering a Great Best Man Speech

There might come a time when one of your buddies or brother will ask you to do the honor of being their best man. One of the most important duties you will have is to give the best man’s speech. It’s a toast and a few kind words to introduce the new couple to those gathered.

You’ve probably heard this speech in the movies and other weddings. The truth is best man speeches often morph into awkward drunken spectacles. A mix of booze and a lack of preparedness often leads to such results. Aside from looking silly, the best man can also inadvertently share inappropriate stories about the groom, casting shade on the newlyweds.

If you don’t want to make a total dunce out of yourself and be the best man, here are few tips to keep handy as you prepare to make your best man speech.


Don’t go off-script by walking into the reception dinner, thinking the words will magically roll from your tongue. If there are some days or weeks before the wedding, reflect on ideas for the speech. Think of the memories, jokes, and quotes that would make your speech memorable and jot them down.

If you don’t know how your buddy met his bride and decided to pop the question, ensure you ask. Your speech needs to celebrate the couple’s love and cast the best light on their union.

Stay Sober 

You may know your limit when it comes to alcohol. You may also be the type of guy that needs a touch of Dutch confidence to stand before a group of strangers. But, they don’t call booze firewater for no reason.

You can have a few, but avoid being hammered when making a toast to the newlyweds. There’ll be plenty of time for that after you make the speech. Remember that this is your best buddy’s day, so you should give your best man speech.

Open by Expressing Gratitude 

Be as kind as you can to all the people that made this beautiful day possible. Mention the couple’s parents by name in your speech. Toast to the excellent job the parents did in their marriages and raising the couple.

Ensure you thank the guests for showing up, looking great, and bringing some gifts. As such, everyone present will feel appreciated and more comfortable at the event. Nothing makes a wedding event more colorful than a happy and comfortable congregation.

Tell a Story Make a Connection 

The best way to give this speech is to tell a story about your buddy. This story needs to show the relationship between your friend and your enthusiasm for the new union. You can share how your friend had lost hope until he met his new bride. Highlight some of the challenges the couple faced as they dated and the passion they have for each other.

Another route to take is talking about how the couple complements each other. Tell a funny story about one of your friend’s goofy traits that endear him to other people. An example would be a story about how your buddy’s antics caused a bunch of laughs. Talk about how reserved and cool the bride is in nature. Then show how this balances out into a perfect match.

Avoid Controversial Topics 

Ensure the things you touch on don’t spark controversy, embarrass, or offend those gathered. This sounds basic, but people say weird things when there is a crowd in front of them and a microphone in hand. Embarrassing stories and tired old jokes will fail at drawing laughs. They may also get you into trouble.

You are free to share funny stories about your friend, but ensure they don’t turn him into a laughing-stock. Avoid mentioning your buddy’s former girlfriends or what you thought about the new bride the first time you met in the best man speech. Use some tact, have some class and taste.

Avoid Inside Jokes 

Inside jokes alienate you from the crowd of strangers you are addressing. Attempting to explain the context will take a while. Even if you somehow manage to the humor will be lost. If you want to keep the crowd hanging to all your words, stow the inside jokes for your friends.

End with a Quote 

An appropriate quote is a perfect way to end the speech. Find a quote that acknowledges the sacrifice, love, and hope that the couple will endure in their new journey. A good example is one by American author Robert Fulghum.

It goes something like, “we are all a bit weird and life is a little weird. Then we find someone whose weirdness compliments ours. We join forces and fall into a mutually reassuring weirdness. We call this love, true love”.

Then you can finish with “My buddy has found that special person,” and it’s a wrap.

Remember to be Yourself 

Your natural qualities are what made your friend bestowed the honor of the Best man upon you. There’s no need to put on an act or be too formal. Be confident and natural. It’s not a matter of life or death.

You don’t need to follow these instructions to the letter. Use them as tips; add your personality to them. Let everything from your voice to your mannerisms ooze out naturally. Speak from the heart, and everything will be fine.

Raise Your Glass and Propose a Toast

There are three ingredients to proposing a toast. First, it’s bad luck to propose a toast with a glass of water (any other drink will suffice). Then you need to stand up confidently with your glass raised high.

Now say something like “Here’s to (________) and (_________), enjoy a life of joy, love and prosperity!

Wrapping Up

Giving the best man speech is a great honor you shouldn’t take too seriously. You don’t have to be so formal, but that’s not a license to be goofy. Listen to your heart; be honest, and just let it flow. The words are inside you; take some time to find them. Most importantly, do a little preparation.

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