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5 Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas

5 Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas

If you’re among the increasing number of couples planning a winter wedding, you’ll want a way to set the scene long before the big day. The easiest way to do that is by incorporating some of the best elements of this season into your wedding invitations. How? Well, take a look at the following winter wedding invitation ideas as you prepare to spread the word about your special day!

1.The Many Shades of Winter

The simplest way to start setting the picturesque winter scene for your guests is by including the right colors in your wedding invitations. In particular, try to choose a shade that reminds most people of winter.

For example, dark, dramatic hues are popular during this season, which is why plum, maroon, and burgundy are all common winter colors. Then of course there’s the classic mix of bright red and forest green that you see everywhere during this season.

Finally, many couples who get married in the winter opt for colors that reflect the weather, such as a combination of baby blue, silver, and white. So think about which colors remind you of the cooler months of the year—as well as which color combinations most appeal to your senses—as you consider these winter wedding invitation ideas.

2.Winter Foliage

Every season seems to have some types of foliage that it’s most known for, and winter is no exception. So as you design your wedding invitations, ask yourself if any flowers or trees come to mind. If so, think about including them in your invitations, either as the background or as a border around the text.

For many people, if winter were to have an official tree, the pine tree would be it. If you agree with this line of thinking, you could feature a background scene full of pine trees. Or perhaps just border the invitation’s words with curved pine branches.

If you prefer pretty flowers over trees, feel free to incorporate floral print into your winter wedding invitations. Some of the most popular winter flowers include carnations, roses, anemones, and sweet peas.

Now that you have some winter wedding invitation ideas about which trees or flowers to focus on in your design, consider filling in any gaps with some small details. For instance, pinecones and red berries are both reminiscent of the winter season, so think about strategically placing these throughout the design.


One of the prettiest, most iconic parts of winter is the snow. Sure, no one wants to shovel it, but people do like to admire it from afar. And what better place to do that than when looking at a winter wedding invitation?

There are lots of ways to involve snow on your wedding stationery this season. One option is to keep it simple with falling snowballs or snowflakes adorning the entire invitation, or at least in any blank areas where there’s no wording.

You can also create a background image where snow is the star of the design. For example, snow-covered pine trees make a stunning scene, as does a charming cabin with a roof covered in snow. Try to set a winter scene that will evoke feelings of warmth and joy, as you’ll want people to recall these pleasant emotions every time they think about your upcoming wedding!

Another snow-themed wedding invitation idea is a focus on winter activities, such as skiing. Whether your wedding will take place at a ski resort, or you and your soon-to-be spouse just really enjoy skiing, a snow-covered mountain—complete with ski lifts and pine trees— would be a perfect image for your invitations!

4.Wreath Border

One of the most popular winter wedding invitation ideas to consider is incorporating wreaths in the design. After all, what says winter—and the special occasions that take place during it—better than a festive wreath?

As you might imagine, the opportunities to include wreaths in your invitations are practically endless. You can arrange an image of a wreath around your names only, or let it encircle the entire text box on the invitation.

You can also make an image of a large wreath the background on the wedding invitation. And of course, you can customize the wreath to your preferences. Whether you keep it all green or add lots of bright red berries and some festive ribbons, the choice is yours!

5.Metallic Touches

You’ll find that one of the most elegant winter wedding invitation ideas is the incorporation of metallic details on the design. Not only does it look lavish, but it also easily catches the eye, which is exactly what a memorable invitation should do.

You can go with just about any metallic shade, as long as it’s got some shine to it. Some of the most popular metallic hues include silver, gold, copper, gunmetal, and rose gold. But if you’re looking for wintry colors in a metallic finish, you can go with metallic green or blue, as well.

So where should you add the metallic hues on your winter wedding invitations? There are lots of opportunities to class them up, from the text itself to the borders. You can even add your favorite metallic shade to any images on the invitation, such as the wreath, the snowflakes, or any floral shapes in the design.

And if you’re not sure how to include metallic colors in your winter wedding invitations, the service you hire to design your wedding stationery should be able to help. For example, Top That Event can help you navigate details like this one when you hire this company to create your invitations and more!

Whether you include all or just a few of these winter wedding invitation ideas into your design, you should be on your way to getting the look you’ve always wanted for your special day. From traditional winter colors to gorgeous wreaths, you’ve got lots of options for your wedding invitations!

If you need help with the many other aspects of planning a wedding—such as tablecloths, chair covers, and napkins—Linen Hero can assist you. Browse our gallery today and contact us if you have questions while planning your winter wedding!

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