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5 of The Most Romantic Proposal Ideas

5 of The Most Romantic Proposal Ideas

Love is a beautiful thing; it makes people go out of their way to please the other. Whether you have been high school sweethearts, met in a social gathering or through a friend, you will do all it takes to ensure loves sticks and you go the long haul. Well, if you are a man and in love, you will eventually come to a point where you need to propose to your sweetheart. A proposal may seem simple until you realize it is not as easy to come up with a creative idea on how to propose to her.

You want the story of how you proposed to be remembered and told for many years to come. As such, you will need to come up with a creative and innovative idea that will stand the test of time. Your fairly tale and wonderful love life has led up to this moment, and you do not want to disappoint. Well, if you have been tossing in your bed and scratching your head, you need not. Here are 5 creative proposal ideas you can apply today.

1.   Lets e-slope

This is the best way to get the attention of a girl who can’t get enough of the slopes. Well, usually, winter may not be a great time to make proposals due to the limited ideal locations to pop the question. So why don’t you make use of this unlikely season to make that ultimate surprise for her?

The best way to go about this is to plan to trip to one of her favorites ski resorts. You can talk to a few of your friends or even the resort staff to help you out with the plan. This team will be responsible for writing ‘Will You Marry Me’ right on the snow, just along the path of the lift.

You can then get your sweetheart on the lift and act innocent as much as possible. Just when you are passing the message, point it out to her if she will not have noticed it already. When she finally figures out what is happening, pop the question with the ring ready in your hand. You can be sure the excitement will almost throw her off the lift.

2.   Take a trip of a lifetime

After being together for a while, you would know her dream location for a holiday. So why not take advantage of this to make two of her dreams come to fruition? You can easily execute this by planning for a surprise trip to a location she has been dying to visit. Once in this location, spend a few days exploring the scenery around the area. Take note of the locations she becomes most excited about. You can then pick one specific location and revisit it purposely for the proposal before ending your vacation.

This will most likely be the most romantic location and you can spice it up by getting someone to capture those incredible moments. You can arrange this with a local photographer or even a fellow traveler.

3.   Salty Toes, Salty Kisses

If you both love the coastal environment, then what better way to pop up the question than by the beach at sunset? Nothing can beat the natural colors of the sun as it sets down, the sight of the endless blue ocean and the sound of the waves.

For a beach proposal to become even more enchanting, you may consider using candle lights. Seek the help of a few friends to create a heart sign with tall LED candles in the sun. You can then get your friend to bring her down to the beach after all the set up is done. Stand right in the middle of the heart with some roses in hand and your ring right at your disposal. When she finally comes down, she will be wowed by the set up, mesmerized by the beautiful scenery and finally blown away when you go down on your knee.

4.   Be “Wine” Forever

Do you have a girl who loves wine? Well, this is the perfect ingredient for your set up to a magical proposal. On any sunny day, you would probably prefer to whine away in the middle of a vineyard. Come up with a simple routine like finding a spot of shade; share a blanket and a bottle of wine to boot. To take this idea a notch higher, you may see the need to hide the precious ring under the items in your picnic basket. Wait for her to finally find out then pop up the question. Considering the beauty of the vineyard and her love for smooth wine, you may not need a lot of extras to make her go wild and make the moment worth remembering.

5.   Tell it to the whole world

Are you looking to let the whole world know that you love her and are finally considering spending the rest of your life with her? So why not plan for a proposal in front of a huge crowd. Just make sure that this is what she may love before you go on with your plan. A perfect setting for this idea can be in front of fans of her favorite game, a dinner surrounded by family and friends or even a random flash mob as you walk down the street. The options in this case are endless, as long as you work to determine what tickles her fancy most and incorporate it into the setup.

Irrespective of the location, time and nature of execution, a proposal is always one of the most romantic moments you can go through as a couple. With the love oozing through two of you, magic will always happen at this point. As such, you cannot afford to take this moment for granted. Take your time to ensure that you not only come up with a creative idea but one she will be most comfortable with. With these proposal ideas, you can rest assured that your girl will remember this moment for many years to come.

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