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5 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles You Will Love

5 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles You Will Love

Weddings are a magical affair. Every bride wishes to look fabulous on her big day but sometimes, it takes more than a gorgeous gown to complete that perfect appearance. Thus, it is important to select the right wedding hairstyle for your memorable occasion.

Wedding hairstyles are available in infinite variations and they are arguably as essential as the silhouette of your gown or the colors of your makeup palette. However, it can be challenging for brides to choose the hairstyle that fits them best.

We look at 5 amazing hairspirations that can greatly enhance the look of the bride, providing her with sophistication, poise and confidence as she owns the aisle.

1.    The Classic Milkmaid Braid

This popular look is a hot favorite among bohemian brides who are opting for a sweet and glamorous appearance. The hairstyle consists of a pair of intertwined braids that rest comfortably at the top of the head, almost like a tiara. The style is practical too. Pinning your hair up can save you from the stifling heat of warmer days.

The wonderful thing about braids is that they look equally stunning regardless of how long or curly your natural hair might be. With special requests from your stylist, you can easily apply the necessary extensions that will add volume to your locks.

Gown Pairing: Choose gowns with lighter fabric such as tulle or chiffon, with applique features that enhance the design of your bodice. This style emphasizes a light princessy look so go easy on the bulk of your gown to avoid anything too heavy, which may contrast with the overall image.

2.    High Ponytail

The high ponytail is the preferred style of the modern bride who exudes confidence like a fearless Amazon. While traditional ponytails are positioned at the base of the head, high ponytails begin from the top of the crown. This style is perfect for brides with long hair as the cascading tresses will become quite an impressive sight to behold.

For an alternate look, curl your flowing hair once you have tied it in place. This creates an alluring wavy effect that adds more moxie to the look.

Gown Pairing: Silhouettes such as sheath or bridal wear separates would be ideal for this sporty style. This hairstyle is most suitable for active and athletic brides, so avoid gowns with cumbersome hemlines that might slow you down! Spaghetti strap backless gowns may be a good choice as they resemble beautified fitness attires.

3.    Side Swept Style

Glamorous and comfortable, the side swept style is one of the most versatile wedding looks of all time. The hair of the bride is draped vertically across the shoulder, creating a delicate asymmetrical appearance. Brides may consider adding accessories such as tiaras and statement earrings to enhance the elegance of this style.  A well-placed hairpiece can keep tresses up throughout the event with brides looking effortlessly gorgeous.

Side swept hairstyles come in multiple variations, they may be paired with shaved sides for a bolder vibe or braids that add definition to the overall appearance.

Gown Pairing: ballroom gowns are perfect for this classy feminine style. Brides will look like princesses straight out of timeless fairy tale. Handmade Chantilly lace is an excellent gown design option due to its refined details and beautifully defined borders.

4.    The Glorious Updo

No wedding lookbook is complete without the updo. The style is practical, keeps your hair in the right places and is pretty much impervious to all kinds of weather (perfect in the case of an outdoor wedding). Some brides may choose to leave strands of hair as an effective way of framing the face. A stunning hairpiece and teardrop earrings are great additions to the glamorous get-up.

Updos can come in a variety of designs, from wavy low-slung buns to elaborate chignons that will transform the bride into an instant head turner.

Gown Pairing: Stick to gowns with low hemlines to bring out the most out of this elegant style. Silhouettes such as the A-line, Fit & Flare or Ballroom are all compatible with the updo.

5.    Deep Side Parting

Simple, yet classy and flattering. The deep side parting is often overlooked by brides due to its simplicity yet remains as an undeniably alluring option. The sleek appearance is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour as exemplified by starlets like Margaret Sullavan and Rita Hayworth.

Soft waves with curled ends will add plenty of volume to the tresses, creating nothing short of a mesmeric display deserving of the red carpet… or the aisle.

Gown Pairing: vintage inspired wedding gowns can achieve wonders for this look. A flouncy ballroom gown may just encourage brides to channel their inner Scarlet O’hara. Designs with jewel necklines and retro appliques are a plus.

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Everyone was raving about the beautiful linen and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.– Sheraton Burlington

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Everyone was raving about the beautiful linen and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.– Sheraton Burlington

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