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8 Incredible Office Christmas Party Ideas 

8 Incredible Office Christmas Party Ideas 

It’s all work and serious business throughout the year. However, you and your staff are on the run to meet your business goals. It is only significant that you find a way to appreciate the team and keep them motivated as the year ends. If you are looking for a way to achieve that, then a perfect Christmas party is the way to go.

A Christmas party allows you to be creative as you get to explore many options on set up, activities, and location. You can break the office monotony by opting for an outdoor party or just anywhere away from the usual routine. A good party will lighten up your team spirit and provide the needed time for bonding. Ultimately, if all goes well, you can make annual Christmas parties a part of your business culture.

This guide is here to help you host the best party you can ever imagine. It is set to provide you with some classy ideas you can use to hold an office Christmas party.

Stylish Cocktail Party

If you are going to hold a cocktail party, then it has to be amazing. Be ready to go the extra mile beyond the prevailing culture to make a remarkable cocktail event. Hold up the mood of the cocktail party by involving your team. Allow them two or three suggestions on what they prefer.

Besides, ensure you understand the taste and preferences of all employees when it comes to food and beverages. A quality menu equals an excellent cocktail party.


Long Lunch

Due to financial constraints, you might find it a little hard holding a whole day event. Well, that does not mean you will forfeit partying. You can still have a memorable time when you elongate the lunch hour. Most folks are used to long Christmas party celebrations, so the more extended lunch period should not be an issue.

A suitable venue should be near the office to save time. Notify the office clients in advance to avoid inconveniences of closure. For a perfect longer lunch party, you must have reasonable planning.

Themed Christmas Party

Are you looking for the cutest party of the year? Go ahead and introduce decorations. Try out wild and outstanding ideas that drive out mind-numbing themes. Embrace the Christmas mood and add personal touch and fun to the party.

There are several themed Christmas party ideas to try out. Consider allowing every staff to bring along a touch of their culture. Apart from making everyone actively participate, they won’t have flimsy excuses to skip the event.

Turn on your goofy side by opting for a masquerade party or a unique clothing set. You might also consider a nightmare before Christmas party, winter wonderland, or a marathon movie night.


Christmas Cruise

If you are ready to go all out at a Christmas party, there’s no better way than to go for a cruise. Think about spending some time on a trip and later have an after-party. Organizing a Christmas cruise is daunting, but at the same time, it’s a worthwhile activity to relax the mind.

Decide on a particular place to visit where all staff can enjoy their time. The location you choose should either be a natural attraction or beautiful scenery. Additionally, familiarize yourself with new cities and more other activities that can build up good humor. You can always come up with new places every other year.


After-Work Drinks

At times you don’t have to go through the crazy hassles of planning huge parties. You may decide to have drinks after a workday, which is relatively less costly. But then, the quality of drinks matter a lot. Ensure the office has each of the employees’ tastes on offer and grab varieties. Include beer, wine, cocktails, and other soft drinks.

Plan for some plates of food in case you get hunger pains. The best deal is to have adequate quantities so that it does not feel like a dull party.


Rooftop Party

A rooftop party is a fantastic option when looking to switch from your regular venue. This does not mean you have to travel the world looking for a place. It can be as simple as a rooftop venue within the office.

It calls for early planning due to the use of extra resources but once done, the venue is worthy. Moreover, you can use the same rooftop for other future events.

Rooftops are fantastic since they enable you to enjoy other scenes and creatures on the ground. Besides, they make more of an outdoor event than having everything inside the typical office.


Trivia Night

With a range of activities, teasers, and questions, you can never rule out trivia out of your Christmas party ideas.

You can have a single trivia night in the mid-week and get to have a seamless festival. What you need to do is to locate a specific bar that will host your workmates. It makes the few hours of the night a whole fun.

Avoid offers that seem questionable in terms of varieties and qualities offered. Only pick options that you and the entire team feel comfortable.


Tiki-Themed Party

While you might be ready to spend on your party, the financial planners might not give you freedom. However, this does not mean that your office party should be devoid of fun.

With the little available, you can book a holiday getaway to an exotic island or a backwater resort. There you can enjoy a tiki-themed party, sip the best of wines and dance to the music of your choice. Do not forget to carry a variety of clothes in case the fun goes for more days.

Wrapping Up

After a long hard year at work, a Christmas party is the impeccable period to restore vitality. The workplace has different personalities who take pleasure in diverse activities. Having a perfect balance is crucial in ensuring that everyone is on board. You do not want to have others unhappy or dissatisfied, leaving a sour taste in the mouth. Encourage staff to have fun without the fear of been judged.

Are you still wondering how you can organize a memorable office Christmas party for your employees? Stop worrying. We’ve got you covered. Contact us today for the best deals.



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The linens were imperative to the success of both events and I have you to thank for that.– Jessica McTaggart

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