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National Pet Day 2018

National Pet Day 2018

Every Dog (and Cat) Has Today

Today is dedicated to our fuzzy friends of all shapes, sizes & species. In celebration of National Pet Day, we simply couldn’t part with our fur children for eight full hours. So, we’ve opened up the studio for a special shoot with our favorite critters.

What Kind of Person Are You?

Feline fanatic or a dog devotee? No sitting on, or diggin under, the fence…

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you favor the pooches! In fact, the latest census concludes that there are actually 43 million households with pet dogs, compared to 36 million homes with a kitty.

Aside from gushing over our own adorable friends, National Pet Day was founded to celebrate the joy pets bring to our everyday lives. This day is intended to raise awareness about the harsh reality many animals face as they wait for a forever home in shelters & rescues across the country.

5 great ways you can impact the life of an animal in need:

1. Adopt or rescue a pet from your local shelter

2. Volunteer at a local rescue organzation

3. Donate bedding, blankets, food & toys to an animal welfare organization

4. Research & take action against local puppy & kitten mills

5. Sponsor an animal in need through various humane networks

Interested in getting involved? You can find a wealth of resources by visiting American Humane’s website, here.

Be sure to like us on Facebook to see the full photo album later today.

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