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The Product Rental Process

The Product Rental Process

Create an extraordinary event in 5 simple steps

If you’re looking to plan an amazing event, you’re in the right place, with the right people. Setting up your event can be done in 5 simple steps when you work with Linen Hero.


Peruse our extensive online inventory, and browse our gorgeous galleries to get your creative juices flowing. Our Design Heroes are happy to help you create an extraordinary event.


Call (855) 269-4376 to reserve your specialty décor. Be prepared with your event date, estimated guest count and items you are interested in. A $300 deposit is all it takes. In a hurry? Or email one of our Linen Heroes at


About two weeks before your event, when your responses are back, and your floor plan is set; give us a call at (855) 269-4376 with your final order before it ships. Final payment is due prior to shipping.


Your order will arrive to your door step or event location (the choice is yours) approximately 1 day before your event. Open your boxes to be sure everything is just right. Items are laundered, pressed and ready to use. Place your linens, cover your chairs, and watch the magical transformation take place before your very eyes!


After your event, simply place your rental items in the returns bags included with your order. There is no need to launder or fold anything, just be sure all items are dry and free of any major debris. Locate the return tracking number from your pre-paid return label, already affixed to the return bag for your convenience and schedule return with Federal Express by calling 800-463-3339 then option 7 or online at the FedEx Ground Return Package Pickup page.

For more information regarding our process, view our FAQ!

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The linens were imperative to the success of both events and I have you to thank for that.– Jessica McTaggart

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Everyone was raving about the beautiful linen and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.– Sheraton Burlington

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