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Preparing for Your Wedding While Keeping the Environment in Mind

Preparing for Your Wedding While Keeping the Environment in Mind

The movement to make sustainability efforts as individuals has been growing. People are reflecting on their grocery shopping habits, food preparations, storage habits, their energy use, and are trying to support companies that are making the same efforts. The more baby steps you can take the more of an impact you will have as you transition to a more environmentally friendly way of living. Whether or not it crossed your mind, planning your wedding is an incredible opportunity to flex your eco-friendly muscles. Check out our tips below for ways to keep the environment in mind while you prepare for your wedding day!


From the moment you start sending out save-the-dates and invitations, you have a chance to make more sustainable decisions. When you go to order your save-the-dates you could try shopping a collection of eco-friendly card options that are made of recycled paper. Later on, when the time comes for the invitations themselves to go out, consider browsing a selection of plantable seed invitations that are infused with either flower seeds or vegetable herbs seeds.


Wedding Wardrobe

You might need new clothes for anything from your engagement photo session up until the night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner. Due to the formal nature of these events, you may not have what you’d like to wear already stocked in your closet. Rather than buying clothes that will get a single-use, think about creating ensembles that can be sprinkled into your work wardrobe after the fact. To further up your green game, try your hand at thrift shopping and extend the life of some lucky garments. By shopping at an online thrift store, you can still shop well-known brands regarded for their professional-looking styles that can double as your formal wear during your engagement. Purchasing quality used Ann Taylor clothing can help you achieve your pre-wedding looks while investing in pieces that can be cycled into a work wardrobe, thus avoiding single-use.



When choosing a venue you will want to take in a number of considerations. If you host the wedding and reception indoors, utilize green building databases and check if your options are listed. This level of investigation can help you to support locations that are making efforts to be more energy efficient. The best way to conserve energy is to avoid using it when there are natural light alternatives. With that being said, be on the lookout for venues that have large windows allowing the room to be filled with light without even flipping a switch. A very eco-friendly location to host your wedding is in the great outdoors. With the beautiful backdrop of nature, you could get married outside and finish the reception before dark, avoiding the need for lighting the space altogether.


Questions you’ll want to ask your caterer are where they are getting their food and what sort of foods are in season. When creating your menu, you’ll want to avoid produce that is out of season, as it means it will have had to travel farther than the in-season produce that can be locally-sourced. Other menu items should also be as locally sourced as possible. If you are serving meat, check to see if they are using a local butcher. Otherwise, vegan and vegetarian options are strong selections to make with your caterer when you’re trying to think green.



You would think flowers were a safe purchase to make without pausing to ruminate on their carbon footprint. However, many flowers sold in America are grown overseas. While looking for a florist or any kind of floral seller, educate yourself on sustainable flower choices. Since so many florists are getting their flowers from far off locations, your next best bet is to choose the florist closest to the venue so that you are minimizing travel on your end. The ultimate environmentalist choice is to find a local grower and shop their in-season plants.


While there are many party elements that go into a wedding and the reception that are usually reused, be sure to insist that your wedding will be limiting as many disposable things as possible. This means renting glasses and cloth napkins rather than offering single-use cups and paper napkins. Even table centerpieces can be rented. This is a great alternative to the family assembly line making DIY centerpieces that people can take home with them only to be thrown away later on.




It has become trendy in recent years to have all kinds of personalized trinkets passed out as favors to wedding guests. Some weddings will do a favor and a small plastic tube of bubbles for the couple’s triumphant exit as a married couple. While these can add cute personal touches and infuse the couple’s personality into the event, many of these things are quite wasteful. Whether it’s because of their plastic packaging or their limited usefulness beyond the day of the wedding, some of these favors have got to be stopped. Consult lists of useful favor ideas on what your guests will definitely eat, or can easily take home, and that can continue to provide value to them after the dancing has stopped.

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