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Onward, Linen Hero Tamara!

Onward, Linen Hero Tamara!

Our star territory manager Tamara Wilkinson is now a “dream maker” at Denver’s prestigious Lake House at Cherry Creek

Tamara Wilkinson is known in her hometown of Denver, CO as the “pop-in queen”. This is because of her unmatched ability to stop by any venue and be greeted with open arms.

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that her friendly, open manner, combined with her passion for events and her drive to constantly expand her skills and knowledge is a huge part of her success.

We couldn’t agree more. For over eight years, Tamara has been an indispensible part of the Chair Covers & Linens family. In this time she’s transitioned from her first role with us as an installer all the way through to a territory manager.

“I’ve had so much fun growing the business,” she says. “I’ve met the most amazing people and been able to support such a great family-owned company. We started out fairly small, but not for long!”

Tamara credits the growth of the business in Denver with the quality of service that her team provides.

“It’s always been my aim to provide a higher level of service. We find out what our clients want and we give it to them – and more. When we realized that clients wanted a hand with installation, we became the first – and still only – company in Colorado to offer professional installation.

Similarly, when Tamara realized the importance of private, one-on-one appointments, an appointment-only showroom was promptly established.

“We treat everyone like royalty. My approach is one of kindness, empathy and courtesy – and I always strive to surround myself with great people doing great things.”

Tamara’s done plenty of great things herself. In January she achieved her long-term goal of becoming the first ever event professional to be elected president of NACE’s Denver chapter.

And hot on the heels of this achievement, she’s accepted a prestigious position with Denver’s Lake House at Cherry Creek, where she’ll be undertaking full event and facility management.

“Through NACE I’ve learned that this industry really is my heart and soul. I look at my career as a jigsaw puzzle, and this new role – opening and running a venue – is an opportunity to fill that one piece I’ve been missing.”

Set within Cherry Creek State Park and on a beach-like, sandy shore, The Lake House is a one-of-a-kind venue, and Tamara is looking forward to many an outdoor client meeting by the water’s edge.

“It’s a phenomenal opportunity, and I’m humbled and honored that I’ve been entrusted to open and grow this remarkable space. I want everyone who comes across me at the Lake House to walk out smiling.”

Brennan Donovan, Executive Vice President of Chair Covers & Linens, has no doubt that this will be the case.

“Tamara is truly a poster child for us. She’s self-guided, entrepreneurial, and has an amazing whatever-it-takes attitude. She’s been with us from the very beginning of her career, and her legacy is undeniable. She’s cared for our business as if it’s her own, and she’s trained nearly every one of our territory managers. She’s a part of our family, and she’s truly responsible for making us better in what we provide to our clients,” he says.

“I’m incredibly sad to see her go, but at the same time I’m so very proud of her success – and that we’ve been able to support Tamara to reach this level in her career.”

And with Chair Covers & Linens a preferred vendor for the Lake House at Cherry Creek, Tamara will be able to continue to work closely with the team she’s been a part of for so many years.

“I’m excited to see our products contributing to the many memorable events in the Lake House’s future,” adds Brennan. “We’ll get to work with Tamara to beautify the venue and its events – and be there as Tamara continues to go from strength to strength in her career.”

Tamara, too, looks forward to keeping in touch with the Chair Covers & Linens family through her work at the Lake House and her continuing work and outreach with NACE.
“I’ve learned so much from Brennan, Rachel, the late Todd Lloyd and the Chair Covers & Linens family. I’ve been able to build what I have because of their guidance and the way they’ve shared what’s in their heart for the company. Todd always spoke of being a Memory Maker, and that ethos has always underpinned everything we’ve done,” she says.

“I actually got to pick my title for the new role, and I went with something that I think extends that vision.”

The title? Lake House Manager and Dream Maker.

Tamara’s last day with Chair Covers & Linens will be March 23. If you’d like to extend a message of congratulations, she can be reached at Tamara (at)

Chair Covers & Linens wishes Tamara all possible success and happiness in her new role. We’ll miss her immensely, but she’ll always be a part of our family – and our story.

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Everyone was raving about the beautiful linen and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.– Sheraton Burlington

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Everyone was raving about the beautiful linen and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.– Sheraton Burlington

Download Our Brochure TodayDownload our brochure today!