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Hacks to Live in the Moment While On Your Honeymoon

Hacks to Live in the Moment While On Your Honeymoon

After months and months of wedding and honeymoon preparation, that special day when your honeymoon starts is finally here. However, a time flies by, right? Planning your honeymoon to almost every detail can help you truly enjoy and appreciate every moment of it. Now that you have checked the list of every wedding photo every bride needs, it’s time to check the list of the best honeymoon photos that will capture some of your most romantic moments and store them in your photo album eternally.

1. Do Something Together That You Both Enjoy

In order to reduce wedding planning stress (and honeymoon planning stress as well) start with considering some things that you’d both enjoy doing on your honeymoon. Make a list and decide together on the things you want to do. The key lies in promptness and creativity. Let your imagination run wild! Every couple has a different idea of fun. For example, some couples like staying in bed the whole day, watching movies, snacking, drinking wine and champagne and smooching all day long. Other couples prefer giving each other a sexy massage to awaken their senses. You can also create a romantic atmosphere by lighting a fire and sitting in front of it, sipping some wine and simply enjoying each other’s company. On the other hand, some couples recreate their first date, which is a perfect thing to do on your honeymoon. And of course, get intimate – it helps you deepen and strengthen your relationship.

2. Surprise Each Other With Romantic Gestures

Plan some surprises for your partner before you leave home and start your honeymoon. In that way, you’ll be able to take whatever you need for your surprise in order to avoid not finding the exact thing you need on your honeymoon destination. These surprises can be some small romantic gestures such as a photo album, a poem, or a box full of objects representing your cute nicknames for each other. You can also surprise your spouse with a bouquet or a box of red roses, a bottle of fine bubbly or a box of some extra delicious chocolate no one can resist. You can take each other to romantic picnics and dinners as well.

3. Limit Your Beauty Routine

When you are on your honeymoon, time tends to fly by so quickly and that’s why you should grasp every moment of it. Our beauty routine tends to take us some time to get ready. What can you do to reduce prepping time? Try using a multitasking moisturizer with which you can hydrate, sun-block, and get the anti-aging benefits of antioxidants all at once. Use some concealer on your problematic spots and add a little blush to your cheeks. For example, what I did is that I searched for eyelash extensions near me and got my lashes done a few days before the big day and trip. In that way, I saved precious time by not having to apply coats of mascara every day. As a finishing touch, just put a soft lipstick and you’re ready for any outing!

4. Limit Your Phone Time

Phones have many advantages but also disadvantages as well. It is key to think about how and when you want to use your phone on your honeymoon as it can spoil your precious time together easily. Put it on silent, don’t constantly check your email and don’t spend hours scrolling the social networking sites. Turn off any notifications that bother you and try to live in the moment with your spouse. Give your friends and family an emergency contact and define emergency with them so they wouldn’t bother you unnecessarily.

Your honeymoon is reserved for only the two of you and you shouldn’t let anything spoil it. With careful consideration and planning, you are sure to enjoy it and avoid any problems.

Maggie Holmes is an Australian blogger who writes on fashion, marriage, technology and business. Her hobby is to surf the net to find amazing articles that can inspire her with some fresh ideas for article writing. She loathes being a common person who wastes her time.

Follow her on twitter: @MaggieH04666334

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