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A List of Every Wedding Photo Every Bride Needs

A List of Every Wedding Photo Every Bride Needs

Photograph: Still Co Photography

When you have a wedding, photographs are one of the best ways to capture the memories from the event so you can return to them again and again. Most couples who have weddings choose to hire a professional photographer who can take both posed, pre- and post-wedding photos to serve as portraits, and candid wedding photos to capture the more non-scripted events of the eve. Once you choose a photographer, it can help to decide in advance what wedding photos you want taken so you be sure you have a record of all of the most important people and moments for posterity. A wedding photo can make a great home decor piece as you build your life with your spouse, or it can serve as an excellent gift for anniversaries and occasions in years to come.

If you are a bride and you want to discuss with your photographer what photos you want taken, check out this list. You can make sure you end up with every important wedding photo that all brides need to have and that you communicate your vision clearly with the person who’ll be capturing the photos.

The Save-the-Date and Invitation

Don’t forget that the wedding starts before the wedding starts. The invitation (and save-the-date) are the first elements of the event that clue people in to what the celebration will be like. Capture a photo of the invitation in addition to keeping a tangible copy of one, so you can remember how people first learned about the wedding.

Photograph: Rosy and Shaun Photography

Putting on the Dress

As you get ready for your wedding, stepping into your dress is a momentous occasion. Get your photographer to snap a photo of you putting it on, as well as whoever you’ve invited to help you. This can be a tender moment between you and a family member or friend as they help you prepare to take that giant step down the aisle.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Getting Ready

If you have a team of bridesmaids that will stand by you on you wedding day, be sure to have a photo taken of them as they get ready, too. You should also get your photographer to get a shot of the groomsmen getting ready. A candid photo of both groups preparing will be something that you and your groom will treasure after the fact. You should have a picture of all of the support and love you had surrounding you on the big day.

Photograph: Adore Photography

The First Look

If you and your spouse won’t see each other until right before the wedding, have your photographer capture the moment that you two see each other. Many people call this the “First Look.” The delight in their face when they first lay eyes on you will be a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you will want to have captured on film.

Your Bouquet

Are you carrying a one-of-a-kind special bouquet of flowers down the aisle? Make sure that your photographer gets a photo of it (perhaps you holding it in your hands), so that you can see the details of it clearly after the event. (You probably won’t remember what it looked like because you’ll be too distracted!)

The Bridal and Groom’s Portrait

Make sure to get a solo shot of just you, the bride, in your complete outfit, veil included. You’ll also want to get a snap of the groom all dressed and ready to walk down the aisle.

The Ceremony Participants

Every wedding ceremony is different. But, make sure your photographer gets photos of all of the ceremony participants in full garb and with all of their props. This means flower girls with flowers, ring bearer with ring, officiant with the ceremony script, and more.

The Ceremony

You will want a shot of the ceremony (at least one!) But, ask your photographer to get as much of the room or space in the shot as possible. This means you and your spouse being married, as well as the people who are sitting in the seats watching. You want to try to get a feel for what the entire space felt and looked like.

The Rings

You’ll exchange the rings during the ceremony. But, make sure you get a shot of them, together, before you do.

The Kiss, Stepping on the Glass, or Jumping Over the Broom

There are many traditional ways to end and seal a wedding ceremony. Make sure your photographer is primed and poise to get a photo of the way that you and your beloved finish. You want a pic of when you seal the deal.

The Family and Friend Portraits

After or before the ceremony, have your photographer get portrait style photos of all friends and family members who were invited to participate. You can make lists of groups that must be included.

Photograph: Banga Studios

The Reception Space

Make sure to get a photo of the reception space setup, before anyone enters to dance the night away. Be sure to snap photos of all major decor elements in the space: cake, signage, full room shots, centerpieces, ceiling treatments, etc.

Candid Reception Photos

The reception should be fun! The photos can reflect this with a collection of laid-back, casual pictures of all of the dancing and socializing.

Cutting the Cake

Make sure you get your photographer to snap a photo of you cutting the cake. If someone is brave enough to shove another’s face in the cake, make sure you get that fun moment too.

Photograph: Madeline Jane Photography

The Send Off

At the end of the reception, many couples do a formal send off. (Some people do this with sparklers!) Try to get a photo of the last moment of the party before you and your beloved take off for your hotel room or honeymoon.

A wedding is an incredibly special event and having a photographer there to help you capture it can be invaluable. To ensure that you get photos of the most important moments and people, consider making a list in advance, then going over that list with your photographer. Consider the above classic, quintessential wedding photos to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important. But, also, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. At the end of the day, each couple’s wedding is unique and should be a celebration of their unique personality and needs. The most important element of any memorable collection of photos is that it means something special to the couple getting married. So, think about situations, images, and looks that you want to remember, and describe these to your photographer. They’ll help ensure you capture them in a way that looks good and helps you hold on to the memory.

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Everyone was raving about the beautiful linen and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.– Sheraton Burlington

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