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8 of the Best Winter Wedding Dresses

8 of the Best Winter Wedding Dresses

Venue: Lovett Hall, The Henry Ford Museum | Photography: Brian Weitzel, BTW Photography


Wedding dresses are often one of the main highlights in a connubial celebration. Blushing brides get the golden opportunity to present their prettiest selves on their big day by carefully selecting the unique designs and colors for their wedding gowns. The perfect wedding dress will complement & accentuate natural appearances, favoring specific skin tones, undertones and body shape.

The fashion sense of brides however, are truly challenged during the chilly months of winter. It is usually a necessity to go with thicker and more practical fabrics (Silk Mikado & velvet are two popular choices) while avoiding unsightly layering techniques that restrict movement and have brides looking all bundled up. Additionally, classic accessories such as veils, gloves and shawls are highly fashionable add-ons that can glamorize your winter look while providing brides with the extra heat they need.

We feature 8 of the most amazing winter gowns that will keep brides warm and comfortable while looking gorgeous during the winter season and perfect for picturesque weddings in colder regions of the world such as Canada, Russia and Scandinavia.

Fur-themed Wedding Gown

Fur is a comfortable and luxurious material, most importantly, it is guaranteed to keep the cold at bay during times of relentless winter. A fur-trimmed gown can keep your extremities safe from the bite of the cold.

Animal-loving brides may opt for faux fur, which are manufactured from durable synthetic material that imitate the heat-retaining properties of genuine fur (such as cashmere or angora)

Faux fur is usually light, which makes it easy to be worn or carried around as you maneuver through the festivities of your winter wedding. These accessories are bound to add the head-turning finishing touches to your bridal ensemble.

Fur stoles or shawls may also be conveniently added to your bridesmaids’ outfits to create a seamless thematic look for your entourage. Fur is timelessly in fashion, from the golden age of Hollywood to modern times, it brings class, sophistication and comfort to its wearer.

Aside from fur or faux fur dresses (which may feel too thick and stuffy), there are ways that brides can embellish their gowns with fur-made accessories.

Fur add-ons may include gloves, shawls, shoulder wraps or jackets, which is perfect for brides who want less of that fuzzy material. Alternatively, fur-lined fabric can effectively keep brides warm while retaining the shape of their svelte figures.

Royal Velvet Gown

This is the perfect style for brides who wish to look like nothing short of royalty. Velvet is a smooth and thick fabric that was the fabric of choice for royal European families across the ages. When you chance upon classical paintings of aristocratic and royal belles donning their grand gowns, chances are, those dresses were probably made from the highest quality of velvet.

The fabric is known for its magnificent iridescent effect (sheen), which is achieved through meticulously interwoven layers of subtly alternating hues.

Velvet is soft and easy on the skin, unlike textured fabric such as lace or tulle. Brides can look extremely elegant in a royal velvet gown in hues that complement the season, such as pristine white, light blue, dark green and classic maroon. Choose long-sleeved gowns for a maximum protection against the cold.Be warned though, velvet is extremely warm and is unsuitable for tropical climates or the scorching summer heat.

Add a fancy jeweled diadem or tiara (consider convincing costume jewelry with swarovski crystals if budget remains a concern) to complete your royal winter look. You will definitely brave the cold and stay mesmeric while doing so. It is little wonder that the fabric was a favorite among European royalty, who faced biting temperatures that dipped far below the negative.

Silk Mikado Ballgown

Silk Mikado is a silk hybrid that features a fetching shine. Pair the fabric with fuller silhouettes such as the ballgown or A-line style for the perfect winter garb that is minimal in design yet captivating.

Opt for gown designs with longer trains that offer greater coverage and warmth to your lower body while you take your wedding vows in the chill of winter. Silk Mikado features a sleek texture with a glossy finish, which perfectly complements a spectrum of skin tones. The unique fabric is a careful blend of silk and nylon, which gives it its signature durable form.

The silk Mikado fabric was famously worn by Queen Maxima of the Netherlands for her 2002 royal wedding. Her mesmeric outfit featured an elegant flowing lace-embroidered train, topped with a glittering Dutch pearl button tiara – a hallmark of brilliance.

Long sleeves and high necklines will help accentuate the elegance of your outfit while keeping you shielded from the harshness of the cold. Silk Mikado may be often overlooked for its simplicity but it is suitable for brides of all shapes and sizes and can magically transform any woman into a ravishing snow queen.

If you are still unconvinced about its simple design, versatile silk Mikado gowns may be easily paired with bridal separates and accessories (such as chapel-length veils) to instantly add depth to your wedding outfit.

These gowns are tailored to make your dreams come true – combining the simplicity in elegance with the assurance of warmth and comfort.

Embroidered Beauty

Each component of a wedding gown is put together with a meticulously selected choice of fabrics.

For the most part, embroidery is an amazing way to beautify your wedding outfit, unfortunately, the materials used are often too heavy and thick (they are usually prepared from thick knots of cotton or linen) , being unsuitable for most times of the year. This physical disadvantage forces many brides to limit the use of embroidery (as much as they love them) – often restricting designs to the hems and necklines of their gowns

Winter offers brides with the perfect opportunity to go all out with the most intricate embroidery designs. Sweetheart-style and ballerina-inspired bodices are all the hype these days – make these body-hugging designs winter-worthy with a layer of embroidery.

Embroidered fabric remains an effective method in helping brides shine as they fend off the nasty chill of winter.


Layered Mermaid-style Gown

The mermaid silhouette is perhaps one of the most body-flattering designs ever created. This look is ideal for curvy brides who wish to flaunt their bodies for the big occasion. In colder months, consider opting for mermaid-style gowns that are layered at the hem. This adds volume to your outfit while providing the additional warmth you need.

Although mermaid silhouettes are usually found in strapless designs, brides can adapt to winter with an off-the-shoulder alternative coupled with detailed long illusion sleeves. Choose elaborate lace design options for your sleeves to receive greater coverage while showing off a peek of skin.

A floral wreath or sparkling diadem will add the finishing touches to this gorgeous outfit.

Satin Ballgown with Lace Bodice

Satin is an extremely comfortable woven texture that goes smooth and easy on your skin. Thicker fabric will provide you with all the coverage you need while creating a seamlessly elegant appearance. A textured lace bodice will provide the ultimate contrast to the glossy softness of your skirt. Go with a brush train design to accentuate the breathtaking look.

These gowns are the ultimate display of style, posh and grace for the confident bride. The lustrous satin fabric will reflect vibrant wintry lights, resulting in a display of sublime beauty. V-necklines and elaborate updo hairstyles can bring delicate refinement to your appearance, creating an ethereal masterpiece.

Vintage High Collar Wedding Gown

High collar wedding gowns were a tradition of vintage high society. This mesmeric design offers one of the greatest amounts of coverage for brides during winter. The well-fitted ballgown silhouette tucks in at all the right places, creating a slender and posh appearance. A full zipper back will keep brides all snug. Complement the look with a flowy cape for an aura of grandeur.

Grace Kelly dazzled the world during her 1956 wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco in a stylish high collar number with gorgeous laced sleeves.  Classic styles never fall out of trend since they complement diverse looks and body types. Channel your inner princess with a vintage wedding gown and pair it with whimsical old-fashioned jewelry to complete the charming look.

Stylish Feather-trimmed Gowns

This is just the design for fancier brides. Thick feathery material will certainly provide additional warmth while offering a whimsical touch to your outfit. Ostrich and peacock feathers are just some of the many options available in the market to suit your artistic style.

Plumage-inspired styles may be an acquired taste but a feather-trimmed train or neckline is bound to enchant all guests in attendance. Perfect for bold brides who wish to express their individuality while keeping themselves warm during the iciest months of the year. Rhinestone and sequin embellishments on side cutout bodices will amplify the dramatic brilliance.of your feathered gown.

A Wintry Wedding Affair

Winter may be harsh and unrelenting, but it is also a season known for its mesmeric beauty and alluring color tones. Brides can still look stunning despite freezing temperatures with the right support from a plethora of fabrics. Fuller silhouettes such as ballgowns are perfect for winter due to their coverage while thick accessories can become a girl’s best friend against the harsh weather.

Regardless of the preferred style, a winter wedding provides a marvelous opportunity for brides to look and feel gorgeous as they own the aisle undeterred on their magnificent big day.

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They completely transformed the room to give it the elegant feel we wanted.– Sarah & Joel Kirsch

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