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26 of the best groomsmen gifts in 2020

26 of the best groomsmen gifts in 2020

Every group has their perfect gift. The best part of that is that it’s different for every group. Cookie-cutter gifts aren’t what will make participating in this day special for them. Though gifting cookie cutters could be a great idea if your men were mad about baking.

To help you sort through the pile of gifts available, we found some of the best gifts to get your groomsmen for 2020. The best part of a list is that it is just a jumping-off point. If you find something you love here, that’s great. If you are inspired to seek something else, even better.

What to look for in the perfect gift

The best gifts will be ones that they will cherish for years to come. You want a gift that has personal value to the man you’re giving it to. Personalization is what will bring pride to the gift, and even something as simple as adding their name or initials can make it special.

You want something relevant. It needs to be relevant to that person, your relationship, and the brotherhood of the group. If there is a common thread that brought you all together apart from the wedding to come, capitalize on that. A common hobby or interest is the perfect building block of a marvelous gift set.

This gift will be a reflection of both the giver and the receiver. The perfect gift will be something that captures the essence of their relationship and evokes fond memories every time they look at the gift.

Think about how often you want your friends to use the gift. Do you want to give them something that is just for special occasions, or do you want to give them something that they will use every day? Would they appreciate something classy, or do they embrace casual elegance? Should this be something that they can use, is it something that they will use? Sometimes even practical gifts go by the wayside if the receiver already has better options available.

If you want them to use the gift for years to come, then you need to ensure that it’s something that will last for years to come. Going for the best quality you can afford will never disappoint. Quality will always be appreciated, quantity not so much.

With that in mind, set a budget and stick to it. A wedding is already an expensive affair, going overboard with gifts isn’t going to help that. Gifting gold watches all around would go over well, but might be a little much.


All about the alcohol

A wedding is a celebration, and imbibing a few social stimulants is how many people enjoy taking part in the festivities. There are a myriad of ways you can find to incorporate alcohol into your gifts. Think about whether your group prefers bottles of brews to get the ideas flowing. There are monogrammed whiskey glasses and bar sets made from ammo containers. Personalized beer mugssteins, and even growlers are available. If you want to keep the party portable, personalized flasks are a must. Etsy offers one that not only has everyone’s name but a unique caricature based on photos of each group member.

A monthly reminder

If you want to give them a gift that keeps on giving, why not renew the gift every month. A subscription box is sent right to their door and offers a fun surprise that matches anybody’s tastes. You can determine how long the subscription lasts, controlling your budget.

From clothes to essential pieces for the everyday gentleman, you’ll find something that works. Are they afraid of the zombie apocalypse? Get them prepared. You can endlessly entertain your geeky side. Whether it’s cooking or coffeebrews or bottles, you’re covered.

Elegant artwork

Popchart features manly prints of the things you’re interested in. They even offer scratch-off posters of things like craft beer and ballparks so you can interact with your art as you explore your passions.

Minted offers foil-pressed art pieces highlighting your favorite state or city.

Home Wet Bar offers 153 individualized bar signs. Some signs pay homage to pub culture, special occupations, military service, movie theatres, and hobbies. You’re sure to find one that feels at home in every groomsman’s man cave.

Every day awesome

If you want your gift to be with them every day, consider some great every day carry items. Some of these items are budget-friendly and they are all utilitarian. So you can rest assured that you are giving them something they can use a lot.

Moleskine has high quality journals and notebooks to help plan their week or jot down their best thoughts as they come to them.

A quality leather duffel bag will help them take adulting to the next level. A simple monogram lets them know it’s theirs as they use it with pride for years to come.

Whenever they are having a good time, they can think of you if you get them a can dispensing cooler with their initials on it.

Keep track of the time you spend together by giving them a personalized pocket watch with gunmetal finish.

It’s all about the experience

Sometimes the most precious things in life aren’t the things we’re given; it’s the experiences we go through in life. In the spirit of that, why not consider giving your group an experience instead of a gift? You don’t have to wrap it, and you will guarantee fond memories for years to come.

GrouponLiving SocialVimbly or Cloud 9 Living are all sites you can visit to book amazing experiences. Whether you want to swim with the sharks, take a balloon ride, skydive, or drive race cars, you’ll find the perfect outing for you and your crew.

You can choose an experience based on your location. You can plan a group experience near the wedding or somewhere you all live, or you can individualize each experience to tailor it to the tastes of each groomsman.

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They completely transformed the room to give it the elegant feel we wanted.– Sarah & Joel Kirsch

Download Our Brochure TodayDownload our brochure today!