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Winter Bridal Accessories To Warm Up Your Look

Winter Bridal Accessories To Warm Up Your Look

There is something utterly magical when planning your special day surrounded by cool air, chilly sparkles, and whimsical snowflakes. Winter weddings can be sensations, from the astonishingly decorated venues to perfect themed food and music, but the focus will always be on the bride, as usual. Brides should spice up their accessories to look ravishing and “pure” as snow. Few impeccable accessory rules simply go hand in hand with weddings held in colder and darker months. Here is a complete list that is sure to enlighten!

Utilize Warm-Colored Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry can add a lot aesthetically to your entire outlook, so wearing warm-colored and brilliant jewelry pieces is the pivotal element to a winter wedding. First, strive to wear jewelry that matches your wedding dress. During winter, a bride can truly look like a magical princess due to statement jewelry pieces, chic and stylish dress choices and an elegant hairstyle. Embrace yellow gold or rose gold material color earrings and necklace color. White is also complimentary. Instead of stainless steel or silver, try classic white pearls that match meticulously with the theme. You can visit our friends at Moon Magic, for instance, to find numerous fine jewelry pieces to choose from to make your search easy.


Fur Up

Fur is a cozy and luxurious material in the first place, but above all, it will keep you warm during winter photoshoots when the temperatures are below zero. If you have already found your winter wedding dress and you need a few luscious embellishments to complete the look, then the perfect accessory might be a white faux fur stole bridal wrap. Spending a few extra bucks on these winter accessories will be absolutely worth it since faux fur looks impeccable on any bride. No matter if you choose white faux fur bridal stole, veil, scarf, cape or even coat, you will top off your divine look which will certainly keep you warm.

Embrace Whimsical Headwear

Winter weddings demand glamour, and if you strive to create an exquisite and idyllic winter effect, then you must choose perfectly adaptable head accessories that match your wedding hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to go all-in and wear a diamond embellished crown. Crowns are a symbol of grace, and by wearing one with diamond and crystal embellishments, you would look immaculate. If you don’t have a champagne or ivory wedding dress, then you must select your headpieces accordingly as well. The floral crown is great, go for Christmas inspired bijoux greenery or a botanically frosted crown embellished with glitter that resembles snowflakes.

Opt For Comfy and Posh Footwear

Wearing stylish and traditional high heels on ice and snow is not really advisable. If you don’t want to slip and fall while you are exiting out of your limo or approaching the venue, then you must pick out appropriate footwear for winter weather conditions. Have in mind that it will be cold and probably snowy, so wearing a comfortable and stylish boot is the right choice. Boots, yes. You can shine bright like a diamond even if you wear leather boots underneath your wedding gown. Later, when you enter the venue, change into a glittering pair of beautiful white heels.

Adorn Your Winter Bouquet

Brides are commonly dubious whether to go for flowers on their winter wedding day since they are rarely fresh and gorgeous ones available. However, there are plenty of extravagant and lush blooms during winter months that will accessorize your wedding day and make your entire look appear out of this world. Hypericum Berries are a winter wedding staple, match them with burgundy carnations, white and black anemones and you will have a luscious winter bouquet. Amaryllis and evergreen are other great blends, but all in all, there are plenty of marvelous bouquet ideas that are a perfect accessory to your winter-themed wedding day.


Don’t forget about beauty prep and have a moisturizer or a lip balm always by your side since cold air can dry your lips. In the end, make sure that you pair up these accessories with the rest of your winter wedding decor for a cohesive and impeccable winter vibe.



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