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Try These 10 Party Ideas to Engage Your Office This Halloween

Try These 10 Party Ideas to Engage Your Office This Halloween

Halloween at the office can be a roaring good time or a ghastly affair. The spooky holiday is an opportunity for coworkers to connect, bond, and express interests outside of work. They can bring teams together and offer a unique opportunity to boost morale. The most significant difference between a party that accomplishes those goals is how many people you can get to participate and how actively they do it. That doesn’t mean you need to have months of planning put into the event. Listening to what employees want and need from the holiday is what is going to ring true. Talking to the people you work with will be what helps your idea gain ground, but just in case your brainstorming came up with nothing, here’s 10 party ideas to help Halloween become a memorable event.

1. Monster mash

Having an overarching theme can be a way for everybody to come together. It makes it easier to think of costume ideas and make sure that the line doesn’t get crossed. Holding a monster mash themed office party might be just the ticket. Dressing up as classic Halloween characters makes everything more familiar. It’s easy to find costumes. You also aren’t following any fads. Your costumes will be available for use multiple years throughout your career. Some classics like Frankenstein’s monster, an Egyptian mummy, or Count Dracula can be cheap and easy to make yourself.

2. Murder mystery

Take the idea of a theme to another level. Instead of just having relevant costumes, you can have an entire evening planned. You can make it playful, someone has murdered the boss, and you need to find out who did it. You don’t have to worry about awkward chitchat with coworkers as they move through an interactive story. There are many ways to run the show with full scripts and characters, or randomly picking roles to play in the scenario.

3. Dress like your idol

Get inside the heads of your coworkers. If all the participants dress up as one of their idols, it gives relevant insights into who that person is and what they value. Their choice in costume is automatically an insightful topic of conversation to help break the ice. People will have the chance to bond over shared interests; they didn’t know they had.

4. Favorite superhero

Everyone has one, and every once in a while, they should have the chance to dress up like them. Superheros are a very accessible genre and are more friendly for offices that don’t want to have a scary vibe in their party. While you will undoubtedly have half a dozen people dressed as Batman, the options are limitless.

If you have a creative workplace, have everybody create their own superhero. Start with the famous question that we’ve all thought about, “If you had one superpower, what would it be?” and go from there. Everyone has the opportunity to showcase their creativity positively.

Given the location of the party, it could also be a specific theme highlighting workplace-based superpowers. Think ‘automation man’ able to complete any task with a single click, or the ‘excel-erator.’ The spreadsheet powered superhuman. It can be corny and still fun.

5. Sci-fi and fantasy characters

This might be a little more niche, but for the right environment, it’s a real crowd-pleaser. Wizards, knights, goblin, and orcs can seamlessly intermingle with starship captains, aliens, and Peace Keepers. Your scruffy but loveable band of heroes will enjoy the chance to get together.

6. Get your gourd on board

Pumpkin carving is a favorite activity and a fantastic way to showcase people’s talents. Pumpkin carving is a great idea, but the size of the average pumpkin might make using them prohibitive. Your humble gourd is smaller, more manageable. Transporting them to and from the contest will be much easier.

7. Sponsor an event for the kids

Halloween is for kids, after all. If a lot of families work for the same company, this is your opportunity to entertain them. You will get people to come out of their shells and enjoy the festivities more if the activities aren’t for them, but the kids. Everyone can get together and scrounge up activities for the kids to do. They’ll have a fun, safe environment where the parents will be able to spend the holiday with their loved ones.

8. Hold a contest

If controlling what everyone will be wearing seems too restrictive, there are still ways to bring the office together and encourage them to get involved. Holding a contest for best costumes in different categories like best in show, most original, most inspiring, best group costume, and so on. Various departments can also compete for a group theme to embrace the competitive spirit and encourage your teams to work together.

9. Have a meal

You’re going to be eating anyway. You might as well make it festive. Food always brings people together. A free meal is rarely turned down and always appreciated. The company can put something together, or it can cost almost nothing if you host a fall-themed pot luck.

10. Go help your community

Finally, Halloween doesn’t need to be about ourselves. Helping others is always more fulfilling. So encourage your team to help make the community better. That could mean hosting a trick or treating event for all the kids in town. It could mean volunteering at a food bank or a soup kitchen. You could go cheer up people at a hospital or a nursing home. Once you start looking, there are always people in need. Every once in awhile, it’s a good idea to work for a cause greater than ourselves.

There you have it, ten different Halloween party ideas to get your office rocking. A great theme goes a long ways towards making your office party great. Take it to the next level with festive decorations and supplies. For your next get together, give Linen Hero a try.

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