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Buying an Engagement Ring Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Buying an Engagement Ring Guide: Everything You Need to Know

An engagement ring marks an important stage in a relationship. An engagement ring is a huge investment, with the average cost at $5,871. Most people also tend to lack an idea of how to go about the purchase.

This guide is set to aid you through the complicated process of buying an engagement ring. It will help you choose a ring to impress your partner and cement your relationship, without the usual difficulties in ring shopping.

Here are tips to help you buy the right ring:

1.    Set the Budget

Finances play a significant role in determining the engagement ring you purchase. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a statement or want to go all out. You need to figure out what you can afford, depending on your income, savings, and other expenses. Your budget will determine the ring design and other characteristics.

In the end, your comfort is what matters when setting the budget for an engagement ring. There’s a great variety of rings, where you can easily find one depending on your budget.

2.    Decide on the Shape

There are around 10 basic diamond shapes: Asscher, round, oval, pear, marquise, princess, radiant, cushion, heart, and emerald. All these shapes vary in popularity and brilliance that makes them come at different prices.

To help you select the right engagement ring shape, consider your partner’s preference and what you look to achieve. For the vintage touch, you can opt for cushion rings while the princess is for the contemporary look. Also, if elegance is your nature, then emerald and Asscher is the way to go.

Based on pricing, non-round engagement rings cost 40 percent more than the other shapes.

3.    Spy on Your Partner’s Style

It doesn’t matter how fancy or elegant the engagement ring you buy if it doesn’t match your partner’s taste. The easiest way to find the right engagement ring is to shop for the ring together. Well, if you want to keep it a surprise, you can find your love a ring they will love by looking into their current style.

You can inquire from their close friend or family. Your partner’s style will determine the color, shape, and even the size.

4.    Consider the Metal

Not all metals come with the same qualities. One of the most popular metals is platinum due to its durability and brilliance. It is an excellent choice for those who have sensitive skin. Rose gold and yellow gold is the way to go if you are looking for warmer tones. You can also settle for a mixture of colors like yellow gold and white gold to allow for matching with a wide range of wardrobe accessories.

5.    The Four C’s

The 4Cs of engagement rings refer to the color, carat weight, cut, and clarity. They make up the grading system that determines the quality and price of the ring.

The cut determines the overall beauty. A well-cut ring refracts and reflects the aesthetic effects. Lesser colors in a ring come with more brilliance and fire. The inclusions in a ring determine clarity. Fewer inclusions are rarer and highly valuable. The carat generally is used to measure the overall weight of the engagement ring.

6.    Ring Sizing

You have to get the ring size right to avoid spoiling the act. It also shows your ability to pay attention to details. There are several ways to know your partner’s finger size. You can pick one of the rings she already wears. You can also wrap a string around her finger jokingly or when she’s asleep. Other times you can take her out to a flea market, art festival, or anywhere with custom jewelry rings. Fool around with different rings as you determine the right size.

Also, consider the provision of a jeweler on resizing.

7.    Authentication and Certifications

Certification is a crucial C you have to look out for. It validates all the other 4cs and other engagement ring characteristics. You invest a lot of money and emotions when purchasing an engagement ring. It is only essential you get a legit one. Authentication and certification is a confirmation that the inclusions, polish symmetry, color, and any other blemishes are legit.

There are several independent laboratories which test and grade rings. Even though different laboratories might provide different ratings, they all provide details on weight, cuts, inclusions, and color grade. Also, get the jewelry warranty for regular cleaning and maintenance routines to ensure durability.

8.    Return and Insurance Policies

By now, you have already established buying an engagement ring is an expensive affair. You, therefore, need a favorable return policy from your jeweler. The vendor should allow you to return the ring in case of disparities in size and other factors.

An insurance policy for the ring will come in handy in case it is stolen, lost, or damaged. The insurance cover will give you peace of mind and protect you from emotionally drowning in case of any mishap.

9.    Shop Around, Make Some Comparisons

The importance most people place on engagement rings makes the jewelry industry find ways to entice shoppers to pay more. If you are looking to save money, you need to compare prices from different jewelers. Other than the mainstream jewelry stores, you can search for online dealers, independent jewelers, and wholesale traders.

Wherever you buy your engagement ring, ensure you negotiate for better prices.

10.   Complement Your Rings

A perfect engagement ring is one that fits together. You need the ring to match the band and other accessories. If you are looking to, later on, add the wedding ring on the engagement one, then you should go for a shadow or contour band. Talk to your jeweler for the best ring that matches your partner’s preferences and taste.


You don’t have to be stressed up ever again when buying an engagement ring. Apply these tips when shopping for the ring to ensure you know exactly what you need. It is the best way to avoid the pitfalls and traps that comes with buying an engagement ring.

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