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New Year’s Eve: Greektown Casino Royale

New Year’s Eve: Greektown Casino Royale

Greektown Casino in Detroit likes to do things in serious style. Towards the end of 2016 they came to us with a mission: to usher in the New Year with a theme that was shaken, not stirred.

The theme was Bond. James Bond. Top That Event and Linen Hero were tasked with transforming Greektown’s hotel ballroom and salons into a place befitting of Casino Royale – and the rest of Bond’s stylish universe.


The attendees were Greektown’s high rollers and VIPs, so our design had to wow from the opening scene through to the closing credits. We were given full artistic license and we ran with it.


Elevators bearing spy silhouette decals and a 2017 riff on the 007 logo showed guests they were in for an adventure. One that got even more exciting as they arrived at a specially built entrance referencing the signature gun barrel sequence featured in nearly every Bond film. 12’ tall and 10’ deep, the illuminated tunnel led them right into our recreated James Bond world.



And what a world it was. Three separate lounges paid homage to Bond’s most iconic films. The decadent Goldfinger Lounge featured gold upon gold, including gold draping, gold chairs and gold brick centerpieces. The chic Diamonds Are Forever Lounge shimmered with ivory and white, with draped crystals and sequins for additional flair. The Casino Royale lounge, where the casino CEO entertained guests, incorporated black, red and white – with gaming-themed highlights such as stacked dice centerpieces and poker chip-filled cocktail glasses rounding out the look.


Guests moved freely from setting to setting, stopping in at an interactive photobooth room or watching vintage Bond films in an extravagantly outfitted cinema with plush seating and snacks. Then there was the main ballroom, which was draped throughout with fabric and crystals – and featured a starlight dance floor with lighting controlled by the DJ.



As the clock counted down to the New Year, another surprise was in store: a choreographed dance number where James Bond battled other characters from the films. Guests gathered around, taking photos and playing along, and were in the perfect spot for the final surprise of the night, a live countdown with confetti cannons that unleashed red, black and silver confetti throughout the room.

Custom, indulgent and getting two thumbs up from the casino CEO, it was an event utterly worth spying on.

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