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Mintspiration from the Linen Hero!

Mintspiration from the Linen Hero!

Wedding season is here and my many minions and I have toiled with our magical looms all winter long. Through my exclusive superpower, TrendVision, I have spent many restless nights striving for the perfect hue and envisioning THE color for spring and summer weddings.

Amazing mint hues ruled the Spring runways, and now this pretty pastel is boldly making its way into the hearts of brides-to-be, wedding planners and linen heroes alike. The color’s superior popularity can be attributed to its soft, airy vibe, which adds an element of romance to any occasion. This cool shade of green is being incorporated into everything from bridesmaid dresses and jewelry to cakes and bouquets, but we’re fighting for the mint linens and table accessories.

What we love most about this refreshing hue is that it can be paired with a variety of colors to create beautiful, unexpected palettes. So, are you ready to try a hint of mint? If not, have no fear! The linen heroes are here to help. Indulge in some of our favorite combinations, complete with product recommendations at shockingly affordable prices, to bring your design dreams to life.

Mint + Eggplant  Mintspiration no.1!

From soft lavender to deep eggplant, we love mint with just about any type of purple! Pairing it with lighter shades (lavender, amethyst, lilac) creates a sublime, dream-like palette ideal for spring ceremonies, while mixing it with darker shades (eggplant, indigo, plum) makes for a more intense contrast. Either way, we’re head over heels for this color duo!Mint + Coral

Mint + Coral Mintspiration no.2!

Sweet and feminine, the heroes agree that these sorbet shades are a match made in wedding heaven! The peachy pastel works effortlessly alongside soft mint for a harmonious combination, while most corals are still bright enough to stand out against the pale green. Introduce splashes of ivory and gold, and you have a perfect palette for an elegant, beach–inspired affair.
Mint + Coral

Yellow Chevron Table LinenSeamist Classic Linen NapkinSeamist Classic Linen SashYellow Chevron Table RunnerLemon Duchess Satin Table LinenYellow Chevron Overlay

Mint + Yellow Mintspiration no.3!

For a look that is fresh, fun and bursting with color, we’re crazy for mint with pops of bright yellow. While it is an unexpected combination, these opposites definitely attract and create a bold, playful palette that is oh-so-summer! Strive for lemon accents (floral arrangements, table accessories) and stick to mint as the primary color.
Mint + Coral

Mint + Gold Mintspiration no.4!

There’s a major vintage trend in event design and it’s absolutely gorgeous. No season is more perfect for this timeless theme than spring. Consider this extravagant palette: Mint perfectly accented with gold, embracing what’s fleeting in a vivid dance of seasonal bliss!
Mint + Coral

Mint + Taupe Mintspiration no.5!

Combining mint with taupe (a light, brownish gray) is a subtle yet super-sophisticated look. We love the simplicity of these understated tones, which makes for an aura of antique that is both timeless and effortlessly chic. For an additional bit of color, try incorporating sage or blush pink.

Taupe Vera OverlayCashmere Duchess Satin NapkinMint Duchess Satin NapkinIvory Crinkle Taffeta Table LinenCashmere Duchess Satin SashMint Duchess Satin SashIvory Ruched Banquet Chair Cover

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Everyone was raving about the beautiful linen and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.– Sheraton Burlington

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Everyone was raving about the beautiful linen and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.– Sheraton Burlington

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