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10 Winter Wedding Ideas

10 Winter Wedding Ideas

Photography: Brian Weitzel, BTW Photography

When many people think of weddings, seasons like the springtime and the fall come to mind right away. However, there’s a new trend popping up for the happy couples around the country – the idea of a winter wedding. The picturesque spectacle of a winter wedding is something that brides and grooms everywhere can enjoy! So, how do you go about creating the perfect wedding for the snowy season? That’s what we’re here to help with! Here, we’re going to go through 10 of the best winter wedding ideas to employ in your nuptials. Embrace the chill and start planning a wedding you’ll never forget!

Embrace the season. Utilize the themes of the season throughout in fun and creative ways! Take advantage of the wintry setting and lean into it. Festoon the venue that you’ve selected with a “Winter Wonderland” theme throughout. If the site has a fireplace, use it. Ask the disk jockey or the band to perform a few Christmas Carols (always perfect for some sing-alongs) or some of those unforgettable songs from Frozen. Use pine cones or miniature Christmas trees as decorations for the tables. This is your season – embrace it! Leave your guests with lovely and welcoming “chill.”

Use linens and decorations that take advantage of the winter theme. Employ the professionals from a service like Top That Event to create a theme throughout the wedding that goes perfectly with the icy season. Try using big and bold colors that fit the season – reds, greens, plaids, greenery – and bring in lots of wintry plants and trees to create a lush and familiar holiday theme for the guests. You can even employ things like fake snow, snowflake decorations, bulbs, and other traditional winter elements to decorate the venue.

Utilize a winter-focused menu… If you can, try to develop a menu for the guests that takes advantage of the season. Aim for heartier meals that stick to the ribs – after a wintry and cold trek to the venue, they’ll need some nourishment! Try going for some hot dishes set out as appetizers. Miniature soup bowls are an option, though there’s always the risk of spilling! They might go better as an accompaniment to the main course. Little finger-foods like mini mac-and-cheese bowls, sliders, or grilled cheeses are a great idea.

And add in some cool winter flourishes. Here’s another opportunity to take advantage of the season. How about a hot cocoa station for your guests, with all manner of marshmallows and toppings for people to really get creative? Or a big bowl of candy canes at every table to provide a little sweet treat to snack on? Instead of a wedding cake, why not plenty of beautiful and decorative holiday cookies with snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes, and other traditional winter designs on the icing? Additionally, work with the bartenders or drink service to develop a signature drink that celebrates the holiday. A hot toddy would be an excellent option, or another warm drink like gingerbread eggnog or Irish coffee to warm the bones and spirits of guests.

Take weather into account when it comes to planning. You might get lucky and get a crisp winter day with no precipitation in the forecast. However, it is the winter season – so the threat of snow, cold, wind, and rain will always be present. You can’t predict or ward off the weather, but you can integrate it into your planning. Try to combine the reception and the ceremony into the same spot, if possible. Adding in an extra trip for your guests could double the chance of winter-related problems. Along with that, make sure you add in some extra time – fifteen minutes or so – when it comes to bringing in guests from local hotels or wherever they are congregating. Consider that the winter-weather cushion.

Consider the season when it comes to the outfits of your groomsmen and bridesmaids. The first rule? Keep them warm! Look for a more substantial fabric like velvet or cotton to dress your groomsmen in, and give your bridesmaids shawls, jackets, boots, hats, gloves, and other cold-weather gear for a stylish (and warm) look. Look for colors that will pop against the gray and cold skies of winter. Another tip? Make things sparkle in the atmosphere with glitter! Try to integrate a glittery, sparkly style to some of the outfits.

Be sure the bride and groom stay warm. Of course, we can’t forget about the two most important people in the entire operation! You may have your wedding-day outfit all picked out, but be sure you hang on to the material you needs to stay warm. Make sure you have a pair of gloves, a warm hat, and a jacket to put on for that time in-between all the must-do things that have to happen during a wedding.

Photography: Brian Weitzel, BTW Photography

Make sure the reception area is warm and cozy – but not TOO warm. There’s a fine line to tread when you set up your reception area. You want your guests to keep warm in the winter season, but you don’t need them overheating. Make sure that the reception area is at a comfortable temperature, there’s plenty of hearty snacks around, and that there’s a warm, winter feel to the area. Get them ready for all the revelry that is to come!

Choose the right background for photos. Make sure the selection you choose gives off a winter feel – but be sure it doesn’t cross the line over into kitsch. You don’t want your photos to look like a holiday photoshoot! Work with the photographer and the venue to select the right area to pick out all the pictures that you’ll keep forever for this special day. Another tip? Aim for pictures to in the mid-afternoon, when the light in the sky will be at its best.

Look for bargains. If you’re planning on a winter wedding, you may be able to take advantage of plenty of winter wedding bargains that various venues in your area offer. Be sure to shop around and see which site gives you the best deal and fits all of your unique needs.

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